Alex put Cassandra onto the bed in the medical room. He put an electric blanket on her. It would be a while before the medical robot would be up and running. Cassandra was not too cold yet, she was not hypothermic.

David started to walk out with the boy. The boy let go of David’s neck and reached out towards Cassandra.

“She will be fine now. The blanket will help keep her warm,” David said.

The boy whined.

“If I let you stay with her will you go to sleep? You are probably tired.”

The boy looked at David for a moment. He nodded vigorously.

“Ok,” David said. He walked back over to Cassandra and set the boy down on the bed next to her. “Remember, you need to go to sleep. I will come and get you both in the morning. Thank you again for helping keep her warm.”

The boy wiggled around a little and closed his eyes.

David looked at them both. “Thank you both, for helping to protect our family.”

“Sir, if you do not need me, then I would like to do a sweep of the area to make sure there are no other men out there. Then we need to start cleanup,” Alex said.

“You are right, we need to secure our borders again and do the cleanup of the house. I can attend to Hema in the mean time.”

Alex nodded and walked out of the medical room.

David walked over to Hema. She was non-responsive to any stimuli from David. He took a look at the wounds. There was one in her left abdomen which appeared to be the first hit she took in the kitchen. The second was in the center of her chest.

David went about the work of fishing the bullets out of her body.