Something Under the Bed

The boy had run off as soon as David left.

Cassandra went back to her room. She thought that maybe she had gotten too much sun.

“QT, I am going to go and lay down if anyone is looking for me.”

“All right, do you want me to wake you for dinner? Also, David would like me to tell you, that both of you will be leaving about nine pm for the hospital. He would like to run some tests to see if they can figure out what is inside you that is taking pictures.”

“That is fine. I would like to find out as well. That would at least give us a chance to figure out how to make it stop; thank you.”

Cassandra opened the door to her room. The light was already dimming in the room. The room seemed to be just the way she left it. The boy had been in the room earlier. She sat down on the edge of the bed. She removed her right shoe and put it on the floor. She was taking off the left when the right shoe moved silently; it just started to slide under the bed. Cassandra smiled, there was something under her bed, well someone. She put her left shoe down on the floor. She lay down on the bed. There was something poking her in her back. She reached underneath her; she pulled out a toy robot. It was red with green stripes.

“Well, hello. What are you doing in the bed all alone? Oh, I see, you are not alone, you came with a friend. Were you having fun before I interrupted? Really, that sounds like fun. So where is your friend now? Oh, I see, you were separated. I am sorry to hear that. Well, I will tell you and you can tell your friend, ok. I do not mind if you are in here to play, I know it was your playroom before I got here last night. Feel free to play in here, except when I am sleeping. I was planning to go to sleep right now for a little while. I am going to put you on the floor, maybe you can find your friend and play quietly.”

Cassandra rolled over and set the toy robot on the floor. She rolled back over and pulled the covers over her. She closed her eyes. She heard scraping across the floor. She smiled to herself. So, she was right, there was something under the bed.