Tag You are It

David and Cassandra were in the dark room with the large screen. QT had not yet put up the information that she had found. She was still cataloguing the information.

“It will be another three minutes. I have one point three four seven million items still to go through. I am finding things that are relevant and pulling out items that I do not deem appropriate.”

“David, what kind of computer is QT that she can get through the information that quickly,” Cassandra asked.

“QT is a quantum super computer. Most of the laptops now run on one hundred and twenty eight bits. The civilian sectors only have quantum computers that are seven bits. They can only run for a little bit before the wave collapses. There are only two quantum super computers in existence. The Agency has one and I have the other.”

“If civilian’s only have small super computers then how do you have one?”

“I have one because I built it. QT’s main job is to watch the Agency’s computer, see what they are up to. I thought they were only tagging people, but you are proof that they are doing more that just that,” David said.

“Tagging people, what does that mean? Are they tagging people that are a menace to society? Criminals and such?”

“It is more than that. They have tagged almost the whole planet. There are only a few remote pockets that they have not touched. I think it is something close to only one million people that have not been tagged.”

“So I have been tagged. Does that mean that they can find me, even here?” Cassandra asked.

“You and I have both been tagged. They will not be able to find you here. There is a damping field that blocks the signal. If we leave then we will need to have an injection that will temporarily disrupt the signals.”

“Then why don’t we just take that all the time.”

“Prolonged exposure to the injection causes terminal cancer one hundred percent of the time. So it is best to not take it too often.”

“How did I get tagged in the first place? How did they tag almost everyone and people not know it?”

“The Agency started with just the plan of the World Health Organization tracking all the immunizations in third world countries so that they could keep up with the population and make sure that everyone was getting the injections. Malaria and other diseases that are gone from the industrialized world are still rampant in parts of the third world countries. That is what it was for, just tracking who got which injections. Just like here in the US you have your injection record of what you have been immunized against. This program would collect data from all the agencies in the third world countries. To do that they had a quantum super computer built,” David told.

“Ok, so in the beginning it was harmless. That is how all things start.”

“Yes, then a department of the US government got involved and that is when they started to tag people. By being tagged you basically can tell the Agency’s computer your location and you would never know.”

“So it is like global positioning for a person instead of your car or phone.”

“Exactly, with the car or the phone, though, you can leave it. You can be off the positioning system. But, with the tagging you are always reachable.”

“How is that possible? They would have to put tracking chips into everyone. I think I would have noticed if something was put into me.” Cassandra said.

“If it is too small to see, then you would not know. They are doing it with nanobots, which are invisible to the naked eye. But you were injected with them all the same. Have you gotten a flu shot, tetanus shot, or any other immunizations in the past ten years? Were you one of the millions that got the special flu shot to help protect you against the H1N1 pandemic a few years ago? All of those would have been laced with the nanobots. They record your name, birth date, social and the code that identifies that specific shot. The code tells the Agency computer which one hundred digit identifier was given to you. The name, birth date and social help the computer know if you have already been tagged before. If you already have a code in you then the new one will be disabled by the one inside you already. That is why it is impossible to be given a new code to hide yourself. The Agency’s computer will also look to see if the code is active when it gets the information. That also tells the computer if this is a new person.”

“Scary,” Cassandra said. “Do you know which government agency it was?”

“Department of Homeland Security.”

Cassandra shook her head. “I know it started innocently enough but whoever gave them the ability to do this should be shot.”

David was glad that the room was dark.