The Agency

 Cassandra and David were sitting in the car near the entrance to the Agency. Once they got out of the car, their signals would be broadcasting and capable of detection. Cassandra and David were not going to wait for the Agency men to come to them. They were going to walk in the front door.

Cassandra was waiting for the signal from QT. The plan was they would go in about the time the other two groups arrived. That would be the time that there would be the most confusion.

David once again looked around. He could see Hema’s bike parked on a side street from where they were sitting in the car. When David looked in the rearview mirror, he could see the van parked in the opposite direction on the road.

Cassandra sighed and looked over at David. She saw that his green shirt matched the color of the leaves on the trees. David was still staring outside.

“I have the signals from both other groups in the area,” QT said. “Be ready to go.”

Cassandra picked at the shoulders of her blue top, trying to get the seams in the right place. She reached behind her and pulled at the hem of the shirt.

“The first of the vehicles, just arrived,” QT said. “If you start now you should arrive just after they get in. The next vehicle will be here in just a moment.”

“Thanks,” Cassandra said.

She reached over and pulled the latch on the door. She got out of the car; she heard the door from the other side close.

Cassandra in blue saw Cassandra in pink and David in white being brought out of the vehicle.

Cassandra in blue came around to David in green. David held his hand out to her, Cassandra took it and they started to cross the street.

David in white and Cassandra in pink started up the stairs.

Cassandra in blue and David in green reached the bottom of the steps as another vehicle pulled up behind the first vehicle, the one that David in white and Cassandra in pink had been in.

David in brown and Cassandra in orange were getting out of the back.

Cassandra in blue and David in green started up the steps. At the top of the stairs, David held the door open for Cassandra. They walked in, stopped next to Cassandra in orange and David in brown and waited.

A moment later David in brown and Cassandra in orange came in. All three sets of Cassandras and Davids were in the lobby standing next to each other.

The agents on both ends of the groups had not looked around yet. They were all waiting for the security guard to finish what he was doing for the group of pink Cassandra and white David.

The security guard looked up and looked back down quickly. He reached for something and brought up a pair of glasses. He put them on and looked out again. He closed his eyes and rubbed his temples.

“Real funny guys, but it’s no where near April Fool’s day so you can stop trying to make me think that I’m too old to do this job,” the security guard said.

“What are you talking about?” A young woman with long black hair asked. She was with the second group that had brought in the orange Cassandra and brown David.

“Real funny, now get the real ones out of here and tell the other ones to go home.”

“What are you making a fuss about now, old man?” a bulky man with the real short hair from the first group asked.

“You think you can make a fool of me by bringing in three of each person and trying to rile me, well it won’t work,” the security guard said.

“What?” The young woman said. She stepped out and looked. She saw it. “What the hell!”

The bulky man came out and saw it as well. Three sets of people.

The young woman and the bulky man both stepped up to the guard.

From where they were standing all the Cassandras and Davids heard each representative from the groups claiming that they had the real ones.

Cassandra in blue stepped forward and approached the group at the security guard’s desk.

“Excuse me,” Cassandra said to the group, “David and I are the right ones.”

Everyone stopped trying to talk all at once and looked at Cassandra.

“What? There was no one to speak for David and me since we came in on our own. So I figured that I would join the discussion.”

“Alright, there’s only one way to settle this. We will have to scan them. Only the real ones will have the right signal,” The security guard said. He picked up a device from the desk and came out from behind the desk.

The security guard held the device up to Cassandra in blue. “Signal verified as Cassandra Penny Jones.”

The guard walked up to David in white, he held the device up. “Signal verified as David Jonathan Quinn.”

The guard slid over to Cassandra in pink, “Cassandra Penny Jones”

The guard continued down the line scanning each. “David Jonathan, David Jonathan, Cassandra.”

“How is that possible?” The bulky man asked.

“How would I know? Maybe they’re too close together for the scanner to do an accurate reading,” the security guard said. The phone on the desk started to ring. He walked around and picked it up, he did not even give a greeting. The person on the other end was already talking. The guard tensed. “Yes,” the guard nodded, “I understand, right away.” He set the phone down. “They’re all to be taken upstairs, right now. The boss will sort out this mess.”

The tension level of everyone in the lobby rose.