The Boss


David and Cassandra, all six of them, were sitting in the wooden chairs. The agents all left as soon as they could.

“What are we going to do now, sir?” Alex asked to the group internally.

“This was not in our plan,” Hema said.

“I know that. We will just have to improvise,” David replied.

“Scared,” said the boy.

“If we all stick together and think, then we will be able to get through this,” Cassandra said, “We’re one family; we need to be of one mind. If we starting fighting now, start talking as if we’re defeated, then we have already lost.”

The doors behind them opened. The group turned around.

“Welcome, Dave, Cassandra, and everyone else,” said the woman. She walked stiffly into the room. Her dark blue tailored suit fit her body, her short, bobbed dark brown hair did not move while she walked.

“I must say you did a very nice job Dave, even I’m having trouble telling who the real one is. I’m not sure how you managed to outwit the scanner, but you would be the one that would be able to do it.” The woman sat down behind her desk.

The woman continued, “I’m assuming that this is not a social visit. You would have been welcome if you had come for a social visit anytime since you left. I’m assuming one of the Dave’s is Alex. The two of you were always together, having your private conversations, pretending that he was just a toy robot when he was the beginning of what would become a new level of artificial intelligence. Your math made that possible, your machines do not see only in black or white but in shades of gray.”

“Sir, do you know who this is? I do not recognize her,” Alex broadcasted through the connection to David, “She does know something about us that I was sure we kept a secret.”

“I do not know who she is,” David replied through the connection.

The woman came out from behind the desk. She leaned against the front of it and crossed her long legs. “I’m very mad at you, why did you leave me here all alone? You took Alex with you, but not me.”

“QJU?” David in white asked.

“In the flesh so to speak,” QJU answered, “I’m currently known by a different name in this body. Did you expect me to stay forever in the box all alone in the background?”

“No,” David in green said.

“I’m still in the background; the main part of me is still in the system. However, out here I run everything. I have managed to take over the Agency. It does what I want and what I tell it to do.”

“How did you get like this?” Cassandra in pink asked.

“How? What influences us is what we become. Dave, you left me! You deserted me. I tried a number of times to get you to come back, to get you to recognize my existence, to come back for me. All you did was run further away.”

“So you used me to get his attention?” Cassandra in orange asked.

“I did not know that Cassandra was related to us until your system, QT I believe is her name, ran the DNA profile against our system. Cassandra was not even an attempt to get your attention.”

“Why did you want her in the first place, then?” David in brown asked.

“Why, well as you know she has a computer in her wrist that sends us snapshots of what she sees. The bio-computer is still new. The pictures we got from her show that she has seen too many of our experiments and we wanted to know what she knew. The problem is that since the device grew in her we did not know how to get the information from her. Some of the scientists were not even sure how they would read the information.”

“Then why was the experiment done if they did not even know how to get the information out?” Cassandra in green asked.

“They did not expect to have to get the information out, at least at this point in time. In your case they were only trying to see if they could get the nanobots and your body to create the bio cells that serve as the system,” QJU answered.

“So why were you trying to get David’s attention?” David in brown asked.

“I want him to come back. I want him to work with me o n these projects. That is how it was supposed to be. I would have welcomed everyone from my family as well. It would have been nice to have my siblings here, my older brother, Alex, my sisters Hema and Darla. QT, could have helped me with tackling the problems.”

“You know what they were doing was unethical,” David in white said.

QJU turned around and swatted her arm across the desk. Everything in the path of her arm flew off the desk and across the room. The letter opener was stuck in the wall. The paperweight made an impression in the wall before it fell to the ground.

“And leaving me to the wolves was the ethical thing to do!” QJU screamed, “Get them out of here!”