The Boy

The light outside was still quite bright. Everyone had moved outside to enjoy the sun. Alex needed to recharge. Hema seemed to have such light skin even for being outside. Even David was lying in a chair.

“Have any of you seen the boy? I have not seen him in a while.” David said.

Both Alex and Hema shook their heads. They had not seen him. Cassandra had never seen him.

“QT, can you locate the boy for me? He should be out here with us. I know he is mad at me but he needs to learn to get over that,” David said.

“David, he is currently hiding in the closet of what used to be his play room,” QT answered.

“How did he get in that room?”

“You did not prohibit me from letting him in there.”

“Alex, can you go fetch the boy?” David asked.

“Right away, sir,” Alex said.

“David, what are you talking about? Who is this boy? You have mentioned him before,” Cassandra said

“He is six and he does not talk,” David replied.

“Oh, what is wrong with him that he does not talk?”

“There is nothing wrong with him. He just chooses not to.”

“I wonder why, what is his name?”

“I do not know what his name is, since he does not talk he cannot tell us what his name is,” David said.

“Why does he need to tell you his name? When children are young their parents are the ones that pick their names.”

“But the name chosen is not one that fits the child when they grow up. So here everyone pick’s their name. They generally have a number of names as they grow and change.”

Cassandra was still kind of confused. David had a strange way of doing things. Cassandra wondered what kind of parent lets their child pick their own name. She was curious as to what name is put on the birth certificate.

“Where is his mother?” Cassandra asked, there had been no signs that a woman lived here.

Alex came out and his hand was full. The boy seemed to be suspended from Alex’s hand. He was limp like a baby animal would be when carried by the scruff of the neck. The boy saw that Cassandra was outside and he started to struggle against the grip that Alex had on him.

“Calm down, no one will hurt you,” Alex said.

That did nothing to prevent the boy from trying to get free. Alex dropped the boy next to David. Cassandra had an unobstructed view of the boy. He was no taller than David. At least when David was sitting down in the chair getting some sun. The moment the boy was free he ran around to the other side of David. Cassandra now had an obstructed view of the boy. She could just see the almost black hair on his head. David’s attention was only for the boy.

“Hey, you, you need to get some sun, ok. You can stay right next to me if you would like. I am sorry that I needed to take your play room from you. I needed the room for our guest.” David said as he leaned back and looked over at Cassandra. “This is Cassandra and she will be staying with us for a while.”

Cassandra made a small wave when the boy became visible. She smiled at him, she thought he was adorable. The boy instantly hid again. Cassandra could not help being sad when the boy hid from her.

“I would not worry, it is probably just because he does not know what to do about you,” Hema said, “He has not seen too many people. He is not allowed outside and we do not get any visitors here. He probably just needs some time to warm up.”

Cassandra looked to her right at Hema. “You think that is all it is?”

“It is about all I have about now. I do not see him all that much either, we are all kind of busy and it is hard for us to spend any time with him.”

Cassandra turned back to see what she could of the boy.