Cassandra sat at the kitchen table; she had been trying not to make a sound while she heard David and Hema arguing. She could feel her tension increasing. She did not want to be discovered. They might think she was spying on them. That was not what she had been doing. She had been sitting at the table thinking.

What Alex had said to her was still rolling around inside her. She had been unable to help her brother; she could do nothing for her mother.

After he mother was gone, all she did was get moved around. That might be why she went on the search for her brother. It would keep her from staying in one place to long.

Did she really expect to find her brother? She had never really had any leads; she was just moving from place to place asking people if they had seen someone that looked like the young boy in the picture.

She pulled out the picture. It was quite worn and faded now; it was twenty six years old. She got lucky; she did not have it on her when she went for her walk. She had just left for a walk. The family was going to be at home so she did not take anything with her.

The boy was smiling; He had just gotten a toy robot for his birthday. It was only a few days before he disappeared. There was nothing, he was just gone when they woke up. Her foster siblings had woken her to tell her that they could not find him.

He did have a habit of waking up early and hiding to work on his secret project. He had notebooks full of symbols and numbers that she did not understand. They made no sense to her. There were so many notebooks that she could not take them all with her when they had taken her away to foster care after he mother died. Cassandra thought that most of them were lost now, tossed away.

Her brother was the only family she had left. Their father died not to long after they were born. She had been alone since she was twelve and all she wanted was to have a family again.

She looked at her brother’s face, his light brown hair, his bright smile. He had chubby cheeks and skinny arms holding the toy right into the lens of the camera.

“Why did you leave us? I thought we were a happy family. I know that mom had all the extra kids, but we were still a family,” Cassandra said to the picture, the ache in her heart larger than ever.

“Thinking about your brother again?” QT asked.

“Always, at least once a day, I think about him and wonder how he is doing,” Cassandra answered.

“What is it like to loose someone that you love?”

“It is like you have a piece missing, a hole in you that will no longer be filled because they are no longer around.”

“Do you want me to see what I can do? I can run a search in some of my off time. David is currently outside in the garden. It will be a bit before he comes back in. You could come to the screen room.”

“I would like that. Also, Alex said I could be of some help to you, is that true.”

“If you want, then you can help me. David has tried, but he sometimes has too much on his mind or his work is distracting him.”

“What can I do for you?”

“You can be my guinea pig.”