Three Reasons

Cassandra gasped when the lake came into view. She could see the line of lights that ringed to the edge of the water. It made David happy, why did he think that being near a woman again would be so hard? It was nice to have someone near his age that he could talk to. There was still some lingering doubt that she might be a plant from the Agency.

“David, what lake is it?”

“The lake is Lake Superior, and we are in northern Minnesota.”

“Why are you here in Minnesota? There are probably other, better places to live.” “Well, there are three reasons. The first is that the Agency is located here, so being close means we have a better connection with the Agency’s computer, closer means faster.”

“Ok, I guess if you are watching them that might come in handy. I suppose that it also means you would have an easier time stealing the files as well,” Cassandra commented.

“There is that as well.”

“But couldn’t you live in the city or just a suburb. Why do you need to live out in the middle of nowhere?”

“That would be reason number two. The large plot of land makes it harder for people to find me. Plus, it gives ample space for the gathering of energy. Most of the energy we collect goes to QT. That is why, unless needed, rooms use other forms of energy for heating and lights. There are also many items set up to give us a wide range of power. There are the solar items in and around the house and wind turbines close by. The bluffs of the lake have solar netting. I have small tidal and wave generators around the shoreline at the places that are harder to reach.

“It sounds like a lot of energy, and QT uses up most of it?”

“That is correct, that is why it is nice that Alex and the other robots can recharge via solar. We can just stick them outside and that will take care of everything.”

“But the screen room does not have solar lighting, it has real lights,” Cassandra said.

“That is correct, the screen room is underground and so it is harder for light to reach it. So, the lights in the room are LED and take up much less energy than regular bulbs. Everything in the house is designed to take advantage of many things for power, heat and the savings of electricity.”

“Ok, so, it is a very smart, smart house.”

David chuckled, “Something like that.”

“Ok, and the third reason.”

“The third reason is also about energy savings. Most of the quantum computers need to be kept super cold in order to run. QT is using high temperature semiconductors, even with that she needs to be cold. So we need to use liquid nitrogen to keep the temperature at optimal levels. These areas up here have permafrost, so, you go a few feet down and the ground is frozen. QT is down in an area of permafrost. The air is already at freezing so it is cheaper to run her down there, otherwise we would need to cool air that is at room temperature.”

“Fascinating,” Cassandra said, “it is just so cool that you can do all of this without needing to draw electricity from the grid.