It had only been a few days since David had felt that everyone had ambushed him. He had not anticipated that Cassandra would be his sister. He had not even considered that possibility. He did not know what to think anymore. If he had not been so paranoid about the Agency, he might have seen it earlier. He might have taken more time to get to know her. David felt like he had made a giant mistake, a mistake with his whole life. Cassandra had turned his whole world around in just a few weeks. David could barely recall the memories of his past. He had put them so far out of his mind. He did not imagine that his sister could be like Cassandra.

* * * * *

Cassandra was staring at the plants waiving around in the ceiling. She had tried to stay out of everyone’s way. They all had their projects to work on. Cassandra’s project was to heal. She reached up and scratched the scar at the base of her skull. QT had said that she was getting better at controlling the signals. She had cried herself to sleep most of the past nights. This had not gone the way she had thought it would. She thought her brother would welcome her with open arms when she found him. Instead, he was mad; she had run into him once or twice during the past few days, he had scowled at her each time. Cassandra was not sure if the offer to stay still applied now.

* * * * *

“QT, where is David right now?” Cassandra asked. “When was the last time he has eaten or slept?”

“David has been taking cat naps in the medical room. He has been eating a little but I feel like he is going to burn himself out before we even get finished with the preparations.”

Cassandra got up out of bed. She headed into the kitchen. Cassandra threw together some sandwiches. It was late enough that the robot was offline unless you woke him. She put water into some glasses and cut up some of the fruit. She put everything on a tray and headed down the stairs. She took the stairs carefully. She could feel some tightness, stiffness in the ankle. Cassandra could hear noise coming from the gym.

The door to the medical area opened. David did not even look up from his work.

“Hello,” Cassandra said. “I thought you might like something to eat.”

David grunted.

“I would like to help. I’m mechanically inclined. I can help with some of it. Another set of eyes, someone to hand you things. Please let me help.”

“What have you done that would lead you to believe that you were mechanically inclined? You do not seem like the type,” David said.

“I seem like the lounge around and do nothing type?”

“I’m just wondering what you have done that would prompt you to make that claim. Ok, QT, try the test again.”

“No luck, I’m still getting the interference,” QT said.

“I have worked on cars, put together medical equipment and things of that nature. I took work doing whatever I could. I have not been lazy and just sitting by the pool wherever I go,” Cassandra said. “I work all the time. I had to make money wherever I went. I paid rent to the people I stayed with. I bought my own food or paid for part of what they bought. I bought my own clothes. I do not accept handouts from anyone. I want to work and I want to help.”

David picked up the sandwich and took a bite. “All right, we will see what you can do, but if you get in my way, then you will need to leave.”

“I understand.”

“You can start by helping me find the problem in this processor.”