Time to Go

“Cassandra, it is time to wake up. We need to get going if we are going to be gone before he realizes it,” Hema said, trying to wake up Cassandra.

Cassandra got up and slipped on her shoes. She yawned and stretched.

She and Hema slipped out into the hallway. They made their way out to the garage. Hema rolled her bike out of the garage. She grabbed a helmet out of the bag she had and handed it to Cassandra. Hema picked up the helmet from the bike. She pulled the seat of the bike up and put the bag into the space under the seat.

Hema put the helmet on; she turned to look back at Cassandra. Cassandra was struggling with just figuring which way was the front. Hema placed her hand on the helmet and Cassandra let it go. Hema turned it the right way and placed it on the head of her partner in crime.

“Never been on a bike, hum?” Hema asked Cassandra through the headset.

“Not really.”

“Well, all you need to do is hang on.”

Hema got on the bike. Hema almost disappeared on the bike; she was once again wearing all black. Cassandra was wearing all black as well, only because Hema said to do so. She had told Cassandra that it would help them to stay hidden if needed.

Cassandra straddled the bike behind Hema, Cassandra was barely able to fit on the bike.

“You ready?” Hema asked.

“I guess.”

“Then hang on.” Hema started the bike. Cassandra put her arms around Hema and held on tight. The bike started to roll forward. Hema pushed up the gas and the bike surged forward.

Cassandra and Hema were heading down the path that was the drive. The trees were lining both sides. Hema was not going as fast as Alex was; Cassandra found that she could watch the scenery.

“We should be there is about an hour. I am planning to park a few blocks away. That way we can check the area out before we get your mail.”

“Are you expecting some trouble?” Cassandra asked, “Also, what about their ability to track me?”

“We can’t be too careful. So, we will make sure that no one is watching the place. As for the ability to track I nixed some of mixture while David was having dinner with you. As for now, I also have a shielding device on the bike. It is the same one that is in the car.”

“Ok, that is good to know.”

Hema stopped the bike at the intersection to the road. She checked both directions, turned onto the road and said, “Here we go.”