Tiny Computer

David was looking at what QT had put up on the screen. David was not sure what it was that he was looking at.

“Do you have any idea what it is?” David asked.

“Based on the specs and the drawings I would say that it is a nano computer. It seems like it is designed to burst information to a different computer.”

“So a tiny bust computer, what would they be doing with it?” David asked. “Do you have any information surrounding this, e-mails and memos and such.”

“Not as of yet”

 ”Can you do a search in the tracking records? Can you look and see if there are any Agency people or cars in the vicinity of Cassandra’s signal during the last ten years.”

“What are you thinking?” QT asked.

“The size is similar to what I saw in the scan of Cassandra’s wrist. The pictures were in segments, spaced in time. It might be that the computer was getting the images from her eyes and then transmitting them to the Agency on a scheduled basis. That would mean a computer that would accept the burst signal needed to be near her. It probably does not hold that much so it probably happened quite frequently. Maybe we can find them near her.”

“Ok, the scan is started. If they only set up a computer near her that she would walk by, then we might not find them.”

“I had not thought about that,” David said. “You are thinking that if they hid it in the bushes by the front door then they would not need to be near her. They would only need to come and retrieve the data.”

“Or at her job, a store she always went by, her PO Box, among other places.”

“She was moving every few weeks. Therefore, there would need to be someone close by for when she moved to gather and move everything. But if the Agency was getting the images from the burst computer, then why would they need to take her?”

QT said nothing.

“It does not make sense, are we still missing something?”

“Are you still thinking she might be a plant?”

“Maybe there is nothing else, the Agency made the rest up to drag me into this trap.”

“Even if the rest is a trap, they did experiment on Cassandra without her knowledge. This does prove that they are into something else.”

“True, she is an unwilling participant in all of this, but that does not mean she is not meant to entrap me.”

If QT had a head that she could shake, then she would have.