The elevator bell sounded. The doors opened. Hema and Alex walked out into the room. Cassandra and fake David in green came out with physical QJU in between them. Fake David in green had his right arm around physical QJU’s arm. She had come peacefully, but she did mention that she was nervous being around computer QJU.

They made their way down the stairs. David handed Cassandra a jacket. Everyone was there.

“QJU, let me introduce to you Alex and Hema,” David said. He gestured to each individually.

“Hello,” computer QJU said.

Physical QJU shook hands with Hema and Alex.

“QJU, both of you say pretty much the same thing about each other. So we’re going to say things and ask questions and have both of you answer,” David said. “Computer QJU we’re going to have you show your answers and responses to the computer screen you have a few machines over.”

“Alright, I can do that,” computer QJU replied.

“What about me? Anything I say or write will be overheard by the computer,” QJU said.

David pulled out a cord with a little square at the end. “We’re going to hook up your speakers to transmit into one of the communication devices that we have on us. We will say the answers inside our communication network and that way neither of you will know what the other has said.”

“Anything I send to an electronic device computer QJU will be able to change,” Physical QJU said.

“We have taken that into account, we will have the signal sent to the device in Cassandra. Being human, computer QJU won’t be able to access the signal.” David said. Unless you’re really connected to the computer QJU, David thought.

Physical QJU nodded. David went over to physical QJU and opened a panel on the back of her neck. David plugged the end of the cord into the system. David turned around, Cassandra bent her head down revealing the scar at the base of her skull to David. David pulled something off the little square end. He felt around for the edges of the device inside Cassandra. When he knew the location he pressed the little square against her skin.

“QJU, can you tell us what my favorite book is?”

David walked over to the computer screen that the computer QJU was supposed to be sending the answers to.

“Arthur C. Clark’s novel 2001: A Space Odyssey,” Cassandra said through the connection.

“2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clark,” David said internally

“QJU, who do you think Cassandra in pink and David in green will be if we were to reveal them?”

“Both are just machines, otherwise you would have told us who they were already,” David within the connection.

“Cassandra in pink is Darla, David in green is probably being controlled by someone else,” Cassandra said.

“QJU, if I said that David in green was your brother how would you react to that?” David asked aloud.

“I have a younger brother,” Cassandra said.

“You created another,” David said.

“QJU, what if I told you that your brother does not talk because of something you caused?”

“I did nothing to my brother,” David said.

“I caused my brother harm?” Cassandra said.

“QJU, in the attack by the Agency six years ago your sister Darla was killed by the men that you sent to the house.”

“This is entirely my fault, if I had just been stronger,” Cassandra said.

“Those men killed Darla, I did not do it,” David said.

“QJU, what would you say if I said that you could come home with us?”

“I would say that I would love it but as long as QJU is still around, I must decline,” Cassandra said.

“I could come if QJU is eliminated, if she is still around, then I need to stay to limit her effect,” David said.

“QJU, what if I said that you would not come home with us, what would you do?”

“I would understand, I need to stay here and stop QJU,” Cassandra said.

David looked pale

“Sir, what is wrong?” Alex asked.