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“Ok, QT, I brought everything that I have about my brother. Various pictures of him,” Cassandra said as she rummaged through the box, “some notebooks that have a small part of his secret project in them, and various other items.”

“Alright, I can scan up the notebooks and see if it matches anything. I can see if there are any of his prints on the pages when I scan. It might help with finding some trace of him.”

“That would be nice,” Cassandra replied.

The door to the room opened, she heard something brushing the carpet. The door closed again.

“You said that you have pictures, right. I can try some age progression on them. I would also like to get your prints; this will help me to eliminate yours from the notebooks. I am assuming that you have looked at them many times. Do you think it might be possible that there is some DNA of your brother’s left in the notebooks?”

“Yes, I have looked at them many times. What he wrote does not make any sense to me. I am not sure about the DNA. It has been twenty-six years, there might be nothing left.”

“Do you have any pictures of yourself? I think it could help with age progression. There will be some similarities between you and your brother. I can use you to tweak the software.”

“Alright, what do I need to do?” Cassandra asked.

“First, let’s start with the pictures. Place the first one down on the table in front of you.”

Cassandra placed the faded picture of her brother with the toy on the table. “It is ready, QT.”

“Alright, stand back, this beam should not be touched by a human,” QT said. A light over the table turned on. It spread out over the picture. It turned around a number of times, it collapsed and expanded.

The screen on the wall lit up. Cassandra moved around the table to watch the screen. The picture started to appear in sections.

A small head appeared over the edge of the table and watched the lights scanning the picture.

QT was able to bring the picture back to its original form on the screen. None of the colors were faded. It was a lovely picture to Cassandra’s eyes. She had not seen the picture look that good since it had been taken.

The face of her brother was clear again. The toy robot including the blue body and the red stripes was once again clear. “QT, this is wonderful! Will you be able to get enough for an age progression?” Cassandra asked.

“I believe so, though, I will use the rest of the pictures.”

“This will help so much, thank you.”

Cassandra felt a tug on her leg. She looked down. The toy robot was there, suspended in mid air. Cassandra saw that it was not suspended, just held up by a small hand that went behind her. Cassandra turned a quarter to her left and squatted down. That way she should avoid hitting the boy behind her and still be able to address the toy robot.

“Hello, I am glad that you came,” Cassandra said. Cassandra looked back to the picture and then back to the toy. “I wonder if the robot in the picture is related to you. Except for the coloring, you are the same. My brother loved his friend very much, they were rarely separated. He did not even leave his friend behind when he disappeared.”

“Cassandra, I am ready for the next picture,” QT said.

Cassandra stood to look at the picture again for a moment. The boy moved off and under the back side of the table.

Cassandra moved back to the far side of the table. The boy was close enough that if he wanted to, then he could touch her from under the table. Cassandra removed the first picture of her brother and put down another on the table. QT started the lights up again. The next photo started to appear on the screen.