Waking Up

There was only a little light in the room, just enough for Cassandra to make out shapes. The placement looked close to her bedroom but some things were out of position. The room also seemed bigger than she had remembered.

She had some flashes of memories. A young man, being shot at, tripping over the door frame. Cassandra needed some light. She reached over to turn on the light. She could not find the switch, much less the lamp itself. She looked over and saw that there was no lamp on the stand. She looked around the room. There were no lamps at all in the room.

“How do I turn on the lights if there are no lamps in the room?” Cassandra pondered out loud.

“Welcome Cassandra, we are glad that you are awake. You asked for lights. It is currently about noon and sunny outside. How much illumination would you like? We use a percentage method, just state your percentage out loud please,” the voice said.

“Who are you? Where are you?”

“My name is QT; we spoke last night during your rescue. You heard me over the earpiece that David gave you.”

“Ok, last night is a little fuzzy. I do remember hearing you over the earpiece. Now, that I am awake are you going to be coming to see me?”

QT laughed, “That will not be possible, I am a computer. Though, you can come and see me if David gives you permission. We can talk whenever you would like anywhere in the house. I run the house to maximize everything from the energy output to the amount of illumination. Can I make a suggestion? I think you might like the light level to be about twenty five percent of the levels outside. We can adjust it from there. I am just concerned that a full light level might be a little too bright for you right now. I currently have the room set for about five percent. I thought you might like to have a little bit of light when you woke up.”

“That sounds good right now.”

“All right, I am adjusting the light levels to twenty five percent.” The light slowly came up in the room. Cassandra knew that this was not her room. The walls and the floor were dark in color. When she walked over to the wall she could see that it was black with purplish colors when she looked at it straight on. The floor seemed to be moving in ripples and waves. There were shadows moving across the floor. Cassandra looked up. There was stuff on the ceiling.

“Cutie, what kind of room is this?’

“Cassandra, can I first make a clarification to you?” QT asked.

“I guess,” Cassandra figured that there were many things that would need to be clarified.

“I am not upset about this but I would like to clarify my name. It is just a slight variation. I understand that it could take a moment for you understand. I will not make adjustments if you choose not to do it. My name is said as the letters “Q” and “T”, it is a short form for my full name, Quantum Technology. It sounds just like the word “cutie” as in something is cute. It is just a matter of accents.”

Cassandra raised her eyebrows; she thought she must be in wonderland. The computer is sensitive about how you say her name.

“Now back to your question. The walls and floor are compromised of solar cells. This house is completely off the grid except for our internet connection. Rooms that are not being used have the lights fully on to allow the house to charge.”

“What about the ceiling? It is making strange patterns on the floor.”

“Yes, the ceiling house’s the water treatment plants and the water that is being cycled through is being filtered.”

“Ok, so what happens at night when we want light,” Cassandra asked.

“That is achieved also through the plants. They have been modified so that when there are lower light levels they will glow in the dark. They will provide any light you need.”

“Wow,” Cassandra went up and examined the walls further. This was cool. She wondered why this was not used in the houses that she had been living in. This was something that they would love to have to help with the management of the houses. “QT, where would someone get something like this? At the places where I have been living, the people would love to have this for their houses.”

“What we have here is unique to us. Everything in the house and used to power the house is of David’s design.”

“He must be a genius,” Cassandra said as she ran her hand over the wall.

Cassandra’s stomach growled. Her hand went to her stomach. She could not remember the last time she had eaten. She knew it was before they grabbed her from the street, but how long ago was that? “QT is there anything for me to wear? I need to get something to eat.”

“Some of your clothing is in the closet. I will let the chef know that there will be another for lunch.”

Cassandra found the closet, eventually. Even with a knob it was kind of hidden from her view. There were a few things in the closet. There was more in the drawer. Her jewelry and hair items were even here. She wondered how David got all of her items, she was sure the family she had been staying with would not have given them to him. Did he somehow know that she would be coming here?

She slipped out of the dark blue silk robe that she had been dressed in when she woke up. She was not wearing it when they had escaped. She wondered if David had changed her clothes. She felt a little violated by that. She would have to ask him when she saw him next.

She pulled out a pair of jeans and a fuchsia colored top, a plain white bra and plain blue cotton underwear. Everything she owned was here, she did not have much. She had been on a quest before she had been taken. She wondered how soon she would be able to get back to her search.

There was pain in her legs as she pulled the jeans on. She stopped to take a look. Her legs were wrapped in gauze. She remembered tripping when she went through the door frame. She must have gotten hurt. She did not remember anything after that.

She finished getting dressed carefully. There was only the small spot on her shoulder that hurt.

She took a brush and ran it through her sandy blond hair. It was a few inches past her shoulders. It had gotten long while she had been on her search. There was no mirror so there was nothing for her midnight blue eyes to look at. There was no sense in putting on any makeup if she could not look at herself. She just took out her chap stick and put some on her lips.

She looked through all the drawers, something was missing. “QT, do you know if any of my medication made it here. There does not seem to be any of it here.”

“I do not know of any medication. Is it something that you will need right away?”

“It is not extremely urgent. I can go without it for a little while, but I would rather not go without it for too long. It will start causing problems if I am off it for too long.”

“I will mention it to David. He can work out the best way for us to get you your medication. You can discuss it with him when you see him next. I believe that he is planning to be at lunch.”

“I will do that, thanks. I just need one more thing,” Cassandra said.

“What do you need?”

“I need to know how to get to the kitchen.”