Watching the Watcher

“Are you sure it is just one person?” Cassandra asked.

“I am sure it is just the one in the car,” Hema said as she looked up from the binoculars. “You want to take a look?”

“That is fine. So what are we going to do? The person looks like they are set up to watch the building.”

“Yes, so what do you want to do?” Hema asked.

“Well, you could go in and get what is in the box,” Cassandra said.

“I would think that they know the location of the box, so it would not matter who goes in. They would know. Plus, I would take too long since I do not know where the box is.”

Cassandra frowned. She had thought that it was going to be easier, that she would be able to walk right in and get the mail, including the package with her pills, and walk right out.

Hema stood up and started to take her pants off.

“What are you doing?” Cassandra asked.

“I am going to distract him, that is what,” Hema replied, a short skirt appeared. Hema unzipped the jacket and slid it off her shoulders. The top was tight. Hema’s light colored skin was bright in the low light. “When I give you the signal you go in as fast as you can and get the pills. We need to be out of here as soon as we can, ok.”

Cassandra nodded. She wondered what Hema was going to do to distract the person watching the building. Cassandra watched Hema’s five-five frame walk off towards the car they had been watching. Hema had curves in the right places; she also had just the right wiggle. Cassandra wondered how she stayed so thin; all Hema seemed to do was lay around in the sun. From the snatches of conversation, it sounded as if she was going out at night. Cassandra thought it would be nice to be young again.

Cassandra wondered again about Hema’s mother. Hema was eighteen or so and David seemed to be about the age that she, Cassandra, was so that meant David was about the age Hema was now. Then there was the boy, he was six and there was no sign of a mother there either.

Cassandra pulled herself out of her thoughts in time to see Hema approaching the car that they had been watching. Hema leaned over the driver’s side window. Cassandra could not see anything except Hema’s back. Cassandra wondered what Hema was telling the person behind the wheel. Hema’s head ducked into the vehicle, the rest of her upper torso followed. Cassandra wondered what Hema was doing now. Hema’s body moved around a little. Cassandra wished she had a better view. All of Hema’s body came back out of the car. She turned around and gave thumbs up. Cassandra did not initially see the signal from Hema; she was lost in her own thoughts.

A moment later, Cassandra ran over to the building that held a number of PO Boxes. She opened the door to the lit lobby. The lobby was open twenty fours hours a day. She went straight to her box and pulled out her keys.