You Were Wrong

“David, why are you so angry at Cassandra?” QT asked.

“She was in here using up your valuable time with something when you should be putting all of you effort into finding out what the Agency is up to.”

“Did it occur to you that I might have made the offer to her?”


“Yes, she was once again crying over a picture, I felt that I should help her.”

“What picture?” David asked.

“She has the last picture of her brother and at least once a day she pulls it out. Generally, it is several times a day. She will talk to it; she will muse over it. She usually cries, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.”

“I did not know that she had a picture of her brother,” David said.

“Did you even bother to ask?”

“No, I know she said that all of the moving around that she did was to find her brother. I thought that it might have been part of a cover, to explain all the addresses.”

“You still think she might be a plant?” QT asked.

“Oh, do not tell me you are on her side as well. Alex does not think that she is. You do not think that she is. The machines are all against me.”

There was a tug on David’s leg. He jumped away from the table. He saw the boy under the table.

“You also think Cassandra is the real deal and not a plant from the Agency to trap us all.”

The boy nodded in agreement.

“You could all be wrong.” David said.

“You could also be wrong,” QT said.

“I am not apologizing for thinking that she is a spy.”

“No one said that you should. You have a right to your opinion. I do think that you should apologize to her.”

“What do I need to apologize for?” David asked.

“You came in here and yelled at her for taking up my time when the whole thing was my idea. I offered to help her and she took me up on it.”

“And you think I should say that I am sorry for assuming it was all her fault and yelling at her,” David said.

“Pretty much.”

“All right, I will do it later,” David said. “Will that make you happy?”